1.) Find the kinetic energy of a 627kg car driving with a speed of 18.5 m/s.

Ek = ½mv2

Mass: 627 kg
Velocity: 18.5 m/s

Solution: ½(627 kg)(18.5 m/s)2= 107295.8 J

A box is loaded up with a few bricks and is pulled at a constant speed along a inclined ramp to the top. If the mass of the loaded box is 3.0 kg and the height of the ramp is 0.45 meters, then what is the potential energy of the loaded box at the height of the top of the ramp?

Ep = mgh

Mass: 3.0 kg
Height: 0.45 m
Gravity: 9.8

Ep = (3.0 kg)(9.8 m/s2)(0.45 m) = 13.23 J